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The Future of the CBDs

Posted by admin on January 20, 2015
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The Future of Metro Manila CBDs

I was inspired to create this blog post to share with others the knowledge / information i received from a talk conducted by well known local & international Architect Jun Palafox. After this you’ll have better understanding on where is the Best Location for Real Estate Investments.

According to him there are 3 definite future for all Metro Manila CBDs:

  1. 1. Traffic will only get worse
  2. 2. Cost of oil will increase
  3. 3. Everyone’s 1 hour will cost more

Traffic will only get worse

According to Arch. Palafox traffic will only get worse because traffic management can no longer solve the problem. It takes Urban Planning and Land Use Planning however both can no longer be imposed as it needs to be present before development of the CBDs. Now is too late to do this.

Cost of oil will increase

Speaking for a long period of time, in the next several years, expect cost of oil to increase rather than decrease.

Everyone’s 1 hour will cost more

He is pertaining to the value of each person’s 1 hour, it will be more significant in the coming years. Please take time to finish the whole blog post to better understand what he means.

Given the 3 future of the CBDs above, he then mentioned that Makati CBD has the Best Location. I’m sure everyone is asking WHY? His answer was because “Makati CBD is the Most Imbalanced CBD”

Imbalanced because the daytime population of Makati CBD is 11 times higher than night time. Around 4.5 Million people travel into Makati CBD in the morning and 4.5 Million people travel going outside Makati CBD at night.

Another implication of this imbalance is that OFFICES out numbers HOUSING significantly.

Let’s go back to the 3 future of the CBDs.

Traffic will only get worse. These 4.5 Million people who travels in and out of Makati CBD travels probably 3 – 4 hours back and forth. 2 hours in the morning and 2 hours at night. Computing their total travel time: 4 hours per day x 5 days a week = 20 hours per week ; 20 hours x 52 weeks a year = 1,040 hours per year or 43 days a year wasted only in traffic / driving in the car.

Cost of oil will increase. Regardless if they commute / drive, aside from the TIME wasted because of traffic, cost of transportation will only increase in the coming years.

Everyone’s 1 hour will cost more. This could be monetary value or time used to be spent with family. Imagine wasting 43 days a year in traffic. A person can significantly be more effective if you lessen these time wasted by half of 3/4. They can spend more time with their family, more dinners, movies, exercise and other extra-curicular activities.

Why Makati CBD has the Best Location?

Because of all the imbalance and everything mentioned above, the only solution for the 4.5 Million people who travel in and out Makati CBD is to live walking distance away from their office desk. As per Architect Palafox, the NEW TREND now is people don’t mind living in a Hole in the Wall type of housing to save time during the weekdays and they’ll just go home to their parents / ancestral house on weekends. Rent will not be a problem to them because they are actually losing more if they travel in and out of Makati CBD, losing TIME, EFFORT, PRICE of OIL, VALUE of one’s per HOUR.

This information highly explains why developers are now creating very small housing units. These are to cater this market which only wants to survive / eliminate travel time on weekdays. Most of this market do have their own house or parents house outside Makati CBD or in the near provinces.

San Antonio Residence came to my mind instantly. This is the most affordable property of Megaworld in Makati City. The area does get flooded however at the same time its only walking distance away from Makati CBD. This property caters exactly for the 4.5 Million people traveling in and out of Makati CBD.

Remember the New Trend?

People don’t mind living in a Hole in the Wall type of housing just to ease traffic? 

Now i realized the significance of San Antonio Residence and other housing developments along Malugay. It does get flooded probably 5 times a year however those 4.5 Million people can eliminate wasting 43 days of their lives in traffic. They would not mind having 5 flooded days compared to 43 wasted days.

San Antonio Residence cost much lower than Three Central and other Makati CBD Properties, regular employees would fit more with San Antonio Residence while upper management would be for the right inside CBD Units.

Think FAST & foresee the future NOW. This is the FUTURE of the CBDs.

INVEST wisely, INVEST at Makati Properties.

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